About Us


  Thank you for taking the time to visit our online site. My name is Joni Collins Ricketts and I am the Founder  and Owner of Twelve Twenty Eight Mobile Medical Wellness. I am a mother, a teacher, and a physician assistant that has created a mobile wellness center for people with or without insurance to have access to affordable medical care and aesthetics. Over the past decade I have witnessed first hand the importance of the continual overlap of spiritual, mental, and physical connection.  I have also personally witnessed the importance of social interaction, human touch, and love. I was on bed rest for eight months with my twin daughters and it truly made me appreciate the gift of service and interaction with others. We are honored to come to you to create a unique experience. At Twelve Twenty Eight we educate and empower others to feel his or her best.  

For the past 13 years I have been blessed to mentor under some of the most selfless and brilliant physicians in the country. I have practiced in Neonatology, Internal Medicine, Hospitalist/Trauma, Interventional Cardiology/ Electrophysiology, Reproductive Endocrinology (with a focus in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Facial Plastics Head and NeckSurgery, Dermatology, and minimally invasive aesthetics. When I am not busy as a Physician Assistant or creating memories with my beautiful daughters, I am traveling as a National trainer for AIAM, Cosmofrance, Novathreads, and for many “ off- label” procedure companies. It is because of my broad scope of training and clinical pratice that I am best equipped to serve you. To me, the biggest blessing is to know that I used my skill set to serve others I hope one day to look at my beautiful daughters and to know that I created a legacy for them...Twelve Twenty Eight is a vessel for that legacy. 


12/28 marks the birthday of the first successful in vitro baby in United States. Because someone used his spiritual gifts to serve others, I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. After two years of help from reproductive endocrinology specialists, eight months of strict bed rest, and a two week stay in the NICU... I am blessed beyond measure to call Cate and Ellie my biggest blessings. #ittakesavillage

Mark 12:28

The Greatest Commandment

..... “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”... Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself..There is no commandment greater than these.

Corinthians 12:28

And God has placed in the church first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, of helping, of guidance, and of different kinds of tongues. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues[a]? Do all interpret? Now eagerly desire the greater gifts. Love Is Indispensable And yet I will show you the most excellent way.

Twelve Twenty Eight was founded upon the need for a complete mobile medical treatment center. Because we believe we should use our spiritual gifts to serve others, we see it as not only an honor to provide patient care but also as a duty and a calling. We believe that God gave us each talents and what we do with those talents is our gift back to God. We believe in empowering others through medical education, medical services, and servanthood.My hope Is that I will encourage each of you to love on others. I hope each of you will create a legacy using your spiritual gifts to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 


At Twelve Twenty Eight we believe in the power of community. We work with several physicians to provide you quality care. In addition to partnering with local physicians, we also partner with a local business to educate, empower, and serve others. Follow us on Facebook for more details. 

Our Founder and Our Medical Director

Joni Collins Ricketts is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. Miss Ricketts graduated from Flagler  College with a Bachelors of Arts. She graduated with honors and a Masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies from South Univeristy . Joni is a nationally board certified physician assistant, an internationally certified life coach, and a certified aesthetic consultant. A thirteen year industry veteran, Miss Ricketts most recently served as the Head Clinical Educator of resouLuna Advanced Aesthetic Therapy in Orlando , Florida. Joni’s dream turned a reality when a business vendor , Miss Trina Carver,  introduced Miss Ricketts to Mr. Randy Robertson in 2015.It was upon presenting to Mr. Robertson and his business partners at BlackRock in New York City where Joni and Randy raised over 1.2 million dollars capital to execute the vision of resouLuna. 

The idea of resouLuna was in the name and logo. resouLuna is best described by its logo. Simple in design, Joni wanted the luna moth to be somewhat of a silent representation to her life song. The luna moth historically is known to live one day solely to love. The luna moth is know for its attraction to the moonlight further symbolizing truth and the good in true love for others. The color of the logo was initially asked to be cornstarch blue because it was Joni’s favorite color. The luna moth coupled with the resouLuna mission statement confirmed the logo had to be blue. Blue often represents rebirth and baptism. Joni wanted to help her patients emotionally, physically, and spiritually to heal within and to realize that beauty truly is within one’s heart and soul. resouLuna was dreamt and executed to create a loving and safe experience for its patients by “healing within”. The hope of resouLuna was to assist to “re”store . 

The turk and mediterranean decor that Miss Ricketts executed by design with contractors and local artists was in tribute to the heritage of her investing partners. resouLuna Advanced Aesthetic therapy opened its doors on February 29, 2016. After machines and staff had lived in her apartment away from home, Joni and the resouLuna family successfully executed Joni’s vision in less than eight months. 

Over the following year and a half MIss Ricketts managerial skills were honed and tuned over in this leadership position. Joni today still remembers the team that blessed her with their selfless service to change others lives. While practicing with overseight by Medical Director, Dr Carl Lentz III, resouLuna won Orlando's Best Medspa in 2017. 

In 2017 Miss Ricketts found herself in more of a managerial role. She missed her patients interaction. Satisfied with executing her vision and investing partners plan she presented an exit strategy to her investing partners. After explaining the difficulty leaving her family and her home town to launch resouLuna, Joni’s investing partners developed a transition. Under a new direction with the preparation of Joni’s exit back home, thanks to Miss Ashley Green and her incredible staff the transition has been  very successful for resouLuna and resouLuna patients.  Rest assured resouLuna carries in the legacy that Miss. Ricketts and Mr. Robertson executed. resouLuna lives by the promise that when you do the right thing you can only be successful. The company recently has transitioned into two parts: resouLuna Specialty Aesthetics and Anu Skin Labs.    

It was from learning through failures and success that Miss Ricketts developed Twelve Twenty Eight Mobile Medical Wellness. After working with a fantastic team in Austin, Texas the restored vintage Airstream opened in January 2018. Twelve Twenty Eight assists home bound patients and the uninsured. It’s mission is to offer the patient medical and aesthetic therapy that further empowers the patient through education and service. 

Today Miss Ricketts continues to utilize her favorite subspecialties with her servant's heart. In Jacksonville,MIss Ricketts continues to have extensive leadership training in medical marketing, billing, and physician assistant legislature. The specialties and extensive background that prepared her to best serve her patients include hospital medicine, reproductive endocrinology specializing on polycystic ovarian syndrome, and interventional cardiology. When Miss Ricketts is not busy with Twelve Twenty Eight, she practices Plastic Surgery with Dr. Phillip García. Miss Ricketts and Dr. Phillip García have created an experience for their patients that offers both surgical and nonsurgical options. Patients also are offered dietary and medical therapy to ensure true treatment to transformation. 

Concierge Medicine


“I started our practice, because I really wanted to build a full service primary care practice where my patients would feel at home and welcomed.”

The membership model at Ryan Griffin, MD allows Dr. Griffin to spend more quality time with his patients and offer exceptional care. Before starting the concierge practice, Dr. Griffin worked as a hospitalist at both Shands Starke and St. Vincent’s Hospitals. He developed a strong desire to get away from the hurried care of the hospital setting, in order to be able to build long lasting relationships with my patients.

Dr. Griffin grew up in Ocala, Florida, immersed in the medicine industry. His father is a pharmacist, who still runs his family-owned pharmacy. His father’s impact on Dr. Griffin and his five brothers was strong, as all six are in the medical field today.

Dr. Griffin has now lived in the Jacksonville area for 13 years, where he and his wife, Laura, are raising their four children. The Griffins love the north Florida area and are excited to offer such a wonderful and personal service to their community.